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2013 Edition – Art for Peace Just Published

December 8, 2013
This is the dust jacket for my latest sculpture photo book.

This is the dust jacket for my latest sculpture photo book.

I just published my new version of Brian Berman sculptures – Art for Peace. Take a look at the preview. Here’s where you can find it on the Blurb website:
I am also offering to acknowledge your purchase of one or more of my sculptures* with a copy of this book. (*The fine print, sculpture/s must be $1500 or more for the book offer.) Thanks for your interest in supporting my work.

Here’s a link to an eBook version:

Brian Berman – Art For Peace – sculptures – is a photographic book exhibition of sculptures created from 2002 till 2013. Berman’s focus is Art for Peace – with seven themes relating to inner and outer peace. His sculptures are hand crafted using the mediums of stone, cast glass, and metals and now including 3D metal printing. This 134 page book contains commentary by the author as well as 200+ color photographs of 130 sculptures.


Latest Body of Work Mostly in Stone Sculptures

August 9, 2013

Well it seems like this was the time to catch up on Blog posts, so here is my second one in catching up mode. Well, there has been lots of water flowing under the bridge since we moved to Ojai, so I’ll just keep posting images to give you and idea of what I’ve been creating in my sculptures and what’s been on my mind. Thanks for following along and soon I will share with you my visions for the next series of sculptures. Here are some images and if you click on them, they get much bigger and more enjoyable to view. Thanks and don’t hesitate to leave comments, I enjoy reading what you have to say as well.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Sculpture Adventure in Washington – May/June 2013

August 9, 2013

It’s been a while since I last posted photos of my sculptures. Well, I haven’t been sitting on my hands, actually I’ve been quite busy, making some sculptures in Corten Steel while visiting Bill Wentworth, Sterling Designs in Poulsbo, WA. Bill and I worked on my Wholeness sculpture pictured below and got my YinYang Block started. I got to finish it once returning to CA. (See image in next posting)

Bill lives near my studio and I’ve needed to get up to WA and clean out some of my stone collection. After 20 years of collecting stones for sculpting and having moved to southern CA, I needed to lighten my load and share some of these gems with fellow stone sculptors. So Rick, Sharon, Chuck, and Steve came out and drove away with 5 or 6 tons. That helped me pay for my travels and lighten my load at the same time. I also received a half scholarship to the Pilchuck Glass School for a short program with Richard Whiteley and Scott Chaseling. These two Ausies are great in their field, Richard a master at glass casting, and Scott a master at blown glass. They called their class Fractures, and given the minimal time we had to complete three casting/blown/cold worked glass sculptures, their namesake was appropriate. I was fortunate to not have any of my glass pieces fracture, but some did. This was not for the weak of spirit, this class took passion and long days and nights, prepping our ideas to begin each day until we could get work into the kilns for annealing or getting them cold worked and ready for the next steps needed. I again felt like one of the elder students on campus, so I pushed myself to finish my projects ahead of the curve. This was my strategy for not falling behind and putting more stress on the work than I would be OK with. So I put the pedal down and got my three projects done in the 8 days we had to work.

After Pilchuck I returned to Bainbridge Island and completed my projects, rented a Uhaul trailer and headed back home to Ojai. I had a safe journey and next installment I’ll show you the sculptures I finished since returning to Ojai.


Click on any photo to see it in a larger format. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave comments below. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Live your life as a Portal for Peace

June 25, 2010

My creative process as a sculptor is my primary social political activism. This spring I completed four important sculptures. There are times when my sculptures give me an unexpected gift, a mystical boon from the collective unconscious. This just recently was the case with the completion and installation of my last sculpture, Peace Portal. I pictured it as a symbolic portal for peace, when each person sees that war is obsolete and steps up to living a life of peace.

The surprise came when a friend wrote me that she lives the idea of a portal for peace. She meant to type, I love the idea of a portal for peace. So I received the gift; that I am living my life as a portal for peace. The sculpture is just an outward symbol and a signpost for all to see. And so it is in my life and yours as well. May we all live in peace, on the inside as well as outside.
Here’s a video link to the Making of Peace Portal.

I also completed Earth Stewards, which are two sculptures and the beginning of a series.

With the Gulf Oil disaster, as well as environmental and health issues globally, I felt the need to sculpt these symbols for caretakers of our precious planet earth. Again I feel that we are here on earth to care for the planet and each other as Earth Stewards.

Then there is Cetus. After watching the movie “The Cove”, I knew that I had to finish Cetus. I had started this sculpture in Berlin, Germany in 2003. It was transported here in Lisa’s furniture container and has been waiting for my inspiration to finish it and get it out into a public setting. The movie was what I needed to light the fire within me to create a symbol to understand, honor, and to protect these precious mammals.

Looking forward, I will be in a show at Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park with an opening on June 26th and running until August 29th, so if you are looking for a great outing this is a beautiful destination.

Another great destination is the Wescott Bay Sculpture Park, also known as IMA Sculpture Park on San Juan Island, where I installed the Peace Portal and also Genesis II.

July 23-25, I will be teaching stone sculpting in Salt Lake City. If you want to attend, email or call and I can connect you with the organizer.

Wishing you a great summer.
Thank you for your continued support. Brian