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2013 Edition – Art for Peace Just Published

December 8, 2013
This is the dust jacket for my latest sculpture photo book.

This is the dust jacket for my latest sculpture photo book.

I just published my new version of Brian Berman sculptures – Art for Peace. Take a look at the preview. Here’s where you can find it on the Blurb website:
I am also offering to acknowledge your purchase of one or more of my sculptures* with a copy of this book. (*The fine print, sculpture/s must be $1500 or more for the book offer.) Thanks for your interest in supporting my work.

Here’s a link to an eBook version:

Brian Berman – Art For Peace – sculptures – is a photographic book exhibition of sculptures created from 2002 till 2013. Berman’s focus is Art for Peace – with seven themes relating to inner and outer peace. His sculptures are hand crafted using the mediums of stone, cast glass, and metals and now including 3D metal printing. This 134 page book contains commentary by the author as well as 200+ color photographs of 130 sculptures.


Getting Through Dark Times

March 9, 2011

Winter is always a challenging time for me in the northern climates. Like in nature, plants seem to go dormant and not produce outer growth. I too am part of nature and that may be one of the reasons I haven’t written much here on the blog. Well, there is more light coming each day, and I’m beginning to see new buds on the trees, and some early flowers popping up. These are reminders that life has cycles and the dark times will pass into gray and soon into the light. My creativity is now blooming as well. I have been offered a solo show at the A Gallery in Salt Lake City, UT in April 2011 and that has given me great reasons to get my creative juices flowing and sculpting up a storm.

Maybe there are other factors than just nature, creating the dark time. It seems to me that the current economy is also reason for some dark days ahead. What’s next with all of this budget cutting. Arts organization and their services are in deep trouble. The government is looking at cutting to zero most programs in the arts which require funding. I am continually receiving urgent requests to write my senators and congress representatives to not cut spending for the NEA, NPR, PRI, and local arts orgs.

You too can contact your representatives to hear your voice in support of the arts.

I have started a winter Artist Salon and it is something that you too can do in your area.

If you feel that the support of other creative types would bring benefit to your creative process and to others, here is what you do. Send out an email invitation to all your local artist friends and invited them to come and discuss what gets them through these dark times. If you don’t have many art friends to ask, then you can send a letter to the editor of your local paper or post on some bulletin boards around your community and you coordinate the efforts to make this happen. You can do it!

In previous years, I have hosted Artist Salons in my home. Artists and creative types have come and shared their challenges as well as their creativity. There is something about our work as artists which is very self absorbing and often isolating. With a group, you can step out of that bubble and feel with the other artists what the dark times are like for them. You can also share your challenges and ask for ideas or what has helped the others get through. This basic support group model, where everyone is given room to speak out and listening is as important as speaking, encourages the synergistic spark of new possibilities. This can create a renewing energy that can overcome the voices which hold you back.

This doesn’t have to begin and end in the winter time. You can host these year round if you’d like. This winter, I suggested another venue format for our Salons. The meetings would take place in other artist studios. We have just come back from our second studio and I feel inspired from seeing how another artist, organizes their work and how their creative process unfolds till it reaches the finished artwork. The group will meet every two weeks and we meet for three hours on a weekend afternoon. But this is subject to the needs of the group and your group might be better off in a weekday evening. Who knows what will work for you.

If you live in the Kitsap County region of Washington and want to partake in our 2011 group, please send me an email and I can send you the next meeting location. Wishing  you the best creative times, overcoming the darkness, and reaching out with your creativity. We will all benefit from your self expression. Don’t wait till you are too old to begin, and if you have begun, find the support you need to carry on.

ART SAVES LIVES! Sculpt Proud!


I AM Peace Corten Steel with Limestone 6' tall