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How to Launch a Dream – October 2, 2014

October 1, 2014

October 2nd is the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. I am launching a dream, starting today with a one month Kickstarter Campaign to raise awareness and funds for a PEACE Initiative. A HOLOS sculpture that symbolizes our one humanity. Here’s the link:

Excerpt from the Ojai Valley News:
Ojai artist Brian Berman is launching the HOLOS Sculpture Project, a peace initiative. Berman’s HOLOS is a 9-spiral torus, Life-Saver form which he’s created in stone, glass and 3D printed metal in an exploration of perfect symmetry and as a symbol of peace and our one shared humanity. He believes that each of us is an essential part of the whole. Berman’s art sales will help fund a public version of the HOLOS design: a public art sculpture that promotes peace and unity, where people can congregate and listen and learn from each other. Ultimately he envisions an International Cities of Peace initiative, with HOLOS sculptures fostering peace-making conversations in towns across the world.

HOLOS Gold LOGO CardThe Goal:

Public Art for Peace builds community

Our vision is to create the first HOLOS sculpture as a public artwork that ideally inspires communities around the world to declare themselves International Cities of Peace. Imagine with me bringing a HOLOS sculpture to your community with the intention of creating more peace and unity. HOLOS symbolizes our one shared humanity. The goal is to install the HOLOS sculpture by International Peace Day, September 21, 2015. The first HOLOS sculpture is planned for the city of Ojai, CA. I’m asking for your support to help make this happen.

HOLOS Sculpture ModelsThe Benefits:

Building a culture of peace in our communities will benefit us all. When we shift from fear and separation to unity and love, the benefits begin within ourselves and radiate out to our friends, our family, and into our community.

  • Crime Reduction
  • Violence Reduction
  • Improved Economic Performance
  • Improved Education Performance
  • Enhanced Government Performance

HOLOS as a public art sculpture will benefit our communities. Peace is a strength within each of us. Let peace guide us to more harmonious community ways of living on this precious planet Earth.

I am ALL-IN and fully committed to bring this about. I invite you to partner with me in peacebuilding and I seek your support. Let’s create the first HOLOS public art sculpture —  together.

I will be exhibiting my artwork in the Ojai Studio Artisit Tour which will be held over three days this year, Oct. 11 through Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I will share my Kickstarter Campaign during this exhibition, where you can make a pledge to help fund this project. I will be sharing about the sculpture project, and the Cities of Peace initiative. The tour offers the opportunity to visit the studios and talk with OSA artists about their work. Go to for more information and tickets.

Spiral Portal C316hands-with-HOLOSThis is a global need. Peace is good for everyone. Here’s a music video to get you in the mood for peace.

WE WANT PEACE music video by Emmanuel Jal