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Completing a Solo Show and Residing in Being

March 6, 2014

February is now gone and I had the great opportunity to show my sculptures at Meditation Mount in Ojai, CA. Meditation Mount is the treasured spot that drew Lisa and I away from our home in Washington State. When we visited this beautiful property in 2011, we were transformed by the beauty and the scent of citrus blossoms. I imagined my sculptures in the International Garden of Peace, and 2 years later, the director invited me to exhibit my sculptures there. This was one of those dreams coming true stories.

My path in life has been one of seeking the deep questions about life’s meaning and purpose. Once we moved to Ojai, all that I had been seeking throughout my life, seemed to fade away and what remained was so simple that it is amazing that it took over 40 years of meditation to realize this simple truth. I AM That Light I Seek.

Here’s a video of the Exhibition “Just B”. Ah so simple, like the flowers and the bees.