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Solo Show – When a body of work is greater than the sum of its parts

May 10, 2011

Though I haven’t posted in a while, I wanted to bring you up to date with my solo show, Art for Peace. Yesterday May 6th, it ended and today I was told that the sold work has now moved into their new homes and the gallery has been reset with the remaining pieces of my show staying in the main gallery. I’m very happy about this as a body of work, even a reduced body of work, is more powerful than individual artworks spread throughout a gallery in a group setting. The results so far are way beyond my norm and I hope that this is something repeatable and a sign that the times are changing in the art world. So far, I have sold 18 sculptures (7 in cast glass, and 11 in stone) and one commission. The new gallery set up will run through the beginning of June, so if you are in the Salt Lake City region, stop in at the A Gallery and see my work there.

Here’s something that I wrote after the April 7th opening:

Not able to sleep, and just had to get up and begin April 8. Last night was
incredible. We arrived in SLC in the afternoon to winter. Hail, sleet, and
snow and then as we drove to the gallery after sprucing up, it really
began to snow hard. We entered the gallery at 5:45 and the staff was
smiling and a coy way. Did you have a look, they said. At what I said. The
red dots. The show had been up since March 29th and the staff had been
busy. 11 red dots, and one sculpture was gone, also sold. TWELVE sold and
the opening hadn’t even happened yet. OH MY GOD. Lisa and I walked around
seeing what had sold and were in shock, but elated. By the end of the
opening three more sales and many potential buyers, as they talked to me
and said to the gallery folks, they would be back, and they meant it. I
met with interior designers, who have been selecting my work over the
years for their clients. I met with architects and people with starched
shirts, under beautiful over garments. I met with people with such designer
glasses, of which I have never seen, and dressed to match.

One man bought my Seed of Compassion. He is the head of the fine art
department at the university here in Salt Lake City. He was all heart and
what felt like meeting a brother to say it like it felt.

I share my joy with you. This is something that I have NEVER felt before
in a gallery and never felt having done a good showing someplace including
our home. It feels like this is the oasis that I have been approaching
these 20 years in the art world, yet not ever tasting these waters, I
never knew what it would feel like until last night and now. It really
hasn’t fully sunk in, and I’m just riding the wave.