Fall News – New sculpture book 3D modeling and more

Well after previewing my new sculpture book, I spent the last 10 days making edits and improving the layout and look of the book.

WOW!   I can hardly say how great it feels to complete my first book of sculptures. The photo book is an visual exhibition of sculptures I created between 2002 and this summer.

You can view a full preview of the book, as well as purchase copies at the above link.
I will sign copies of the book during Art in the Woods, November 12-14th. Please bring friends.

I am now working again on the 3D modeled shell form. It’s a long story and one that I will share more at length when I can show you a finished sculpture. It feels like a distant oasis, calling me to drink, yet not knowing why, I move forward. What is the shell about? And why does 3D modeling draw me in? This is what I know as of now, and when I step down the road a few miles and months, I will likely have a new knowledge. Following this inner call is one reason being an artist is such a daring adventure.

Showing the resin segments glue tacked together

The shell has been a symbol I’ve used in many early sculptures. It represents a home cast aside, either through death or by moving on. It reminds me that I carry around protection and I can drop it when it is time. It is the shell of the old which yields to the seed of the new. For me, it is the power of this symbolic sculpture, and what emerges is a new beginning. This is what I see going on both in my personal life perspective and the greater changes in our culture and the rest of the world.

Vertical view of the shell

And there were many new sculptures emerging from my studio this summer. They can be seen on my website, as well as in the new book. My creative juices were peaking throughout the summer and I enjoyed taking many photographs, as our Miller Bay home offered us many wildlife experiences. I photographed schools of small fish in the millions, man of war jellyfish, seals, otters, birds of prey and water foul in numerous species. We traveled to Utah, where I taught a stone carving workshop, and exchanged sculptures in my gallery there. We also enjoyed summer play time. Lisa and I competed in a Boule tournament and we were awarded 1st place metals and given a trophy based upon our excellent play.

I AM That

Gateway IV

I am grateful for my good health, and for all your support, both of which keep me going.

I look forward to seeing you during Art in the Woods, the Bainbridge Island Studio tour, or one of our fall events.

My best to you, Brian

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