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Pilchuck Glass School is a dangerous place

July 27, 2009

Though I was only a few miles away from my usual summer sculpting symposium hosted by, as the crow flies, I was attending the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA, and I was in dangerous territory. Stepping away from Camp Brotherhood (site for NWSSA’s Symposium) for the first summer time since 1992, to enter the glass community at Pilchuck was a great opportunity as well as a great risk. As I went to continue my study of glass casting there, the exposure to print making, glass blowing, glass everything, as well as a complete wood shop and metal shop to make whatever, was soooooo tempting to just explore these realms. Yet there was a need for sleep, which was something that I have done a lot of since returning home. The awakener was one day being asked how it felt to be the oldest student at Pilchuck this session. I hadn’t noticed nor felt that way. What’s a number anyway??? I was likely one of the earliest to climb the steep hill to my room, most nights after midnight. My roommate often came in when the morning birds were chirping and then would show up for breakfast at 7:45.

Well on to the art itself….. I took a turn at print making to visually show the inner volume(“in reverse”) of my last glass casting.  I had a great time and got lots of praise for what I created. To see some images of my and some observing photos and time there, here’s a link:

Here’s a few photos of what I set up in my home to show the new artwork. Hope you are all having a creative time this summer.
Here are a few shots of the glass cast sculptures.

I will be teaching a hand carving workshop this coming weekend in Poulsbo, WA, August 1 & 2 if anyone is interested, please email me. Sculpt and print proud! Brian