6 Months to the Day – New Work

I don’t know what kept me from writing all these months. I guess when I returned from Europe, having had a peak experience of showing in the Louvre, sculpting in the Czech Republic glass studio, and living in Berlin with our friends and family, I just wasn’t ready for the frozen economic climate we returned to.

Without going into much of the details, my gallery presence and livelihood derived from gallery sales were in a free fall. There had been no income during the 5 weeks of travel, no sales, and with the grim news of the economic downturn and possible collapse of our banking and economic structures, I was in a personal crisis which I couldn’t write about. I noticed that without appreciative art lovers, buyers, and art patrons I felt I was no longer needed. My message of Art for Peace was not timely, though the wars continue to rage. As the fallout from the money crisis continued, galleries began to fail, I lost two right away and a third is ending today.

As spring began, so began my creativity again. I think that I had needed the rest after one breakthrough year, I wasn’t yet ready to maintain such a pace. I found that turning 60 was another factor. In the slow winter months of this year, I pondered whether I was to begin a new direction. My sculpting was not yet calling and I felt like I was in a second mid-life crisis. I pondered each day what would I do if my art livelihood had ended. I DON’T KNOW! This was the continued message, and though I have many other gifts and skills, I didn’t feel done with my art. So I waited and soon I received the beautiful glass sculptures that I designed in the Czech Republic. ART = RENEWABLE ENERGY. I had found my renewed energy resource, my artwork. This was a timely shift in perspective, as I don’t know how long I could stay in the I don’t know place.

The excitement I feel when I see the sculptures that I originally envisioned, returned me to my passion for creating this kind of Art for Peace, beautiful forms, simply presented, playing with light. Sitting on my work beach was a calcite stone that I had begun last year and now I was ready to  bring it to a completion. I had found the spirit and energy it takes for me to suit up in protective gear and take on the slow reduction of stone, to find the final form and the look I’m after.

Here is the latest in my Omega Series, call Light Maker…..

Onyx/Granite 29x27x16

I’m now back in the studio working on a new series of sculptures some for the garden and some for indoor, and I will post them as I finish them. I have scheduled an Open House and Art Sale for July 26th from 1-6pm to share the new work as well as what I create at the Pilchuck Glass School where I will be a student under the direction of Australian glass artist Richard Whiteley. I’ve also scheduled a stone carving workshop for August 1 & 2, so let me know if you are interested.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, so that I know that you are interested in seeing and reading more from me. Thanks, Brian

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