How do you top Paris-visit Family and Friends

I don’t know if topping Paris is possible, yet the warmth of Paris pales in comparison to the warmth of family and friends. Our time now is relaxed and we are spending Christmas and New Year in Berlin with Doris and Kai and visiting with many Berlin friends. I will post some photos now of our journey up north to Lisa’s sister Heike, and brother-in-law Ziggy, and nephew Manu. Then we will travel to Lisa’s parents where we will have cake and coffee with her mother and father, her older sister and her husband, and her younger brother and his wife and daughter.

We had a Jewish German reunion on our way back to Berlin by stopping in Hamburg and hosted by our dear friend Ulrich and his wife Henrike. They gave us a warm welcome with a special family pancake “friesentorte” with plum sauce and whipped cream, yummy. Our time together was warm and a sharing of our lives and we ate and we ate some more and even when it was time to leave, Ulrich gave us all bags of holiday chocolates for our trip back to Berlin. It was a beautiful time and we so much enjoyed our short Hamburg visit. We even got to take a walk between courses so that we had room for the next meal. What fun. Germany is so much more food friendly than Paris. Even when you don’t eat Bratwurst, you can find delicious foods everywhere.

Now for the photos, click on them for the descriptions. Happy Holidays and we wish you all great peace and joy!

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