Art and Wellness in Berlin

If you have been checking this blog every day, you have noticed that I took a break after all the action in Paris. Well, it has been quite a long journey since the early planning of this trip and all the steps that it took to get here. Now that we are in Berlin we are relaxing quite a bit and yesterday we went off downtown to do some errands and take in a wellness break. As we left Kai and Doris’ home I took a few shots of some of the sculptures here before we headed to the bus, then the subway to get downtown. It takes about 3/4 hour to get into the downtown parts of Berlin that we want to go. We visit our favorite falafel restaurant – Habibi, and I’ve included a couple of pictures. The tickets give you two hours of travel, so we are making our stops quite short so that we can get to our final stop before buying another ticket for the way home. As we are racing at times, I think that this isn’t what I’d call a wellness pace. When we finally get to the Liquidrom, all stresses are released into the warm waters. I’ll post a link to a video of the place, though it is in German, you can still get a feeling for the place. Here’s the link, you may have to cut and paste it into your browser:

Enjoy the photos and we will be heading north to visit Lisa’s family and likely won’t have internet access for posting for a few days. Check back when you have time and hopefully, I will get some new images and information posted soon. Happy Holidays to you as we come closer to the darkest day and the soon aproach of more light. One of my favorite season changes.

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