Paris- The Berman’s Last Night in the Apartment

How to find your way in Paris

How to find your way in Paris

Well, after recovering from all the cakes and coffee’s today, Lisa and I settle in for our last night in the apartment. We take some pictures for the memories of this place where we lived for the last week. The hard work is over for me. Seems like I’ve been working towards this trip to Paris since the springtime and especially with a narrow focus since September. It remains to be seen what future benefits this exhibition holds for me. Certainly, it is a milestone in my life and a great accomplishment to have been at an exhibition in the Louvre.

Now we will pack and clean and tomorrow morning we will head off to the airport and make our way to Berlin. Many of you have written, and a few of you have commented on my postings. Please feel free to express whatever you like and if it isn’t too insulting I’ll post it. Seriously, this blog is interactive and since starting it, there have been over 2300 visits. That’s a lot of viewing for such a travelogue.
Well, here are more pictures to share.

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