Completion of SNBA Exhibition and Museum d’Orsay

Today brings the exhibition to a close. I am uplifted by my experiences here, the artwork, the artists that I have met, and the public appreciation of the art. As the event comes to a close for me, I have received a certificate for participating and a special stamp on my business card as the other paintings get stamped directly on the back side to prove that there work was here in the Louvre at the SNBA exhibition. Every little bit helps in making the artwork more valuable to the buyer. I’m not sure who will get to own this beautiful Genesis, and it now has a bigger aura than before coming to this exhibition.

After leaving the Louvre, Lisa and I walk across the Seine to the Museum d’Orsay, a beautiful museum within a former railroad station. There are breathtaking viewpoints and enough sculptures and paintings to overcome on with emotion as well as exhaustion. We experienced a bit of both and retire to our apartment after another full day of art appreciation.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Paris and as the exhibition is now over, I am completely a tourist and can begin my vacation time. What an adventure this has been. The blog has received an incredible number of visits and spiked during the time David Caruso came through. I had over 1400 visitors to the blog over two days just to see the photos of him. My picture was shown on many TV tabloid type blogs and one actually thought I was his bodyguard. An unlikely role that I would play. Anyway, what a great and fun experience this has been and I hope you have enjoyed the photos and the stories. Brian


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