SNBA Exhibition at the Louvre is a Happening

Well, it finally happened. After all the planning and fund raising and traveling, today is the day for the exhibition to open. I woke up with a stiff neck and didn’t get to the exhibition hall until picking up a new sweater at the original Bon Marche. This department store was very fun to go to as there were people there who actually wanted to help me find what I was looking for. I loved the attention and got a very thin but warm woolen sweater. The temp here is about freezing and well I don’t need to talk about the weather, let me get you to the opening.

I got to the exhibition hall and it was very quiet. I have wondered how people would even know about his as I have read so little publicity releases and have found so little in the press. As the day rolled on more and more people came until the place was completely packed. There were some incredible moments which I have captured in photos. I will post them again in gallery format, so just click on any one of them to see it larger and also to read any of the comments I’ve included. Just to let you know, YES that is David Caruso of CSI Miami, and yes that is Tony Dow, the child acting start Wally Cleaver in the Leave it to Beaver TV show. I also got to meet one of my sister’s class mates from where we grew up and it is likely 45 years since I saw her last. We both instantly recognized each other.

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One Comment on “SNBA Exhibition at the Louvre is a Happening”

  1. Doris Zander Says:

    My dear friend Brian,
    We are so proud of you . Pictures and your comment are very touching.
    Send you and lisa our love from Berlin. See u soon.

    Doris & Kai

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