Customs Releases the Artwork

So the high drama continued today with customs creating some stressful hours holding up the exhibition set up withholding the American artwork. All other countried got their artwork through, but I think the French don’t really like us. I got a call at about 2pm, letting me know that the artword was to be released any minute and that I can come by at 4pm ot help with the set up.

Lisa and I were wandering through the Montparpanasse Cemetery. We were very touched by some of the grave stones, the peacefulness of the place, and that there were a number of burrials taking place while were were there. A sculptor that has given me great inspiration is burried here along with many other sculptors.

Tomorrow morning the exhibition begins and a big crowd is expected. I got to meet Tony Dow and his wife, and look forward to spending some time with the both of them tomorrow. The Gala event is tomorrow night and hope to have some fun pictures of that tomorrow. They estimate 4000 for the party.

I’m posting the pictures a new way, set up with thumbnails in a gallery format. Just click on the photo to see a bigger image as well as a caption and description. Soon I will get some sleep, it has been another great day in Paris, as we ate and drank though many cultural foods and drink.

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