A real treat for glass lovers

I got the offer to go to the glass high school here in Zelezny Brod. My support person, Vaclav drove me to the school and introduced me to Katerina a teacher in the school for the past 7 years. The school was built in the 20’s and if a formidable structure with strong stone carved doorways, not just the entry to the building, but to each of the rooms down the hallways. I had a technical problem, as I took out my camera to capture this great visual experience, I got an error report that the card was unreadable. I have never had this happen to me, so I didn’t know how to correct it and my tour had begun. All I needed to do was to eject the card and reinsert it. I only figured this out after the tour was over. I did take pictures with the borrowed mobile phone, lent to me by Charlie and Phyllis. Two days ago, I was breaking down technologically when the mobile phone stopped working in the middle of a call home. This lead me to wonder if I would be better without all the bells and whistles I brought with me to stay in touch. I had four days of no internet and that was like fasting, hard for me to do. So I got the internet yesterday and had the joy of talking to Lisa and a couple of other friends using Skype. What a treat to be online and talking to them.

Well, back to my situation today, I took so many photos that the phone gave me a memory full message. So even the phone photos were blocked by a lack of storage memory.  I will look tonight and see how to offload the images. If I can’t get them off the phone, I will not have any photos to post here. I hope that I am able to get these images to you. (not possible, so far all I can do is send the photos to phone numbers that I dial. I don’t think this is the solution.)

The school is divided into about 7 different categories of learning. The high school students must apply to get into the school and they must select a course of study. They will spend 4 years in that course of study. There is no migration or course dropping or transferring to another section. Once you are in this school you run through your division until you have graduated. The school is very technical including a laboratory with the chemical make up of glass and the materials to work with glass. The tools and studios had me lusting for some of the equipment. I hope that I get a chance to come back to this school again. I met a young man who also did part of the tour with me who is just taking a teach position at a college and he will be the glass art instructor. He just returned from spending 3.5 years in NYC working in glass studios. I hope to hear back from him as he invited me to come to the college and give a slide show or come and make some work in their studio. Very friendly, and I only wish I understood and could speak the language. The people are very warm to me, I feel very honored and special.

I get back to the studio and finish the Gateway clay model and deliver it to the man who I’m working with here, Peter. He was a student and worker for the Libensky/Bryktova couple that made the glass casting movement around the world. I is a great inspiration for me to work with. I am able to communicate with him in his broken English which is a gift to me, because most of the other men that work here, I can’t ask any questions. Peter is the one who is making the plaster molds of my clay forms.I start the next design, Keeper of the Light. This is a symbol that I design for my wedding band, I’ve sculpted one in stone and now I make it in clay to eventually be made into glass if I am satisfied with the design. I can image working here for a month or more and designing a large body of work. More on this later.

Vaclav, my main contact here asks me if I want to go to a big city in the evening with his family. I take his offer to see the countryside and this larger city. I took some photos which I will attach here later when I have some time.

Centrum Liberic

Centrum Liberic

Mall in Liberic

Mall in Liberic

Vaclav's partner Jane and Rosalee

Vaclav's partner Jane and Rosalee

Vaclav climbing the 200 year old steps

Vaclav climbing the 200 year old steps

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