Getting Ready to Go

(Finally got to post something from the Czech Republic after a couple of days without internet) This didn’t post for some reason and I’m not sure if it will show up in the right date order. Thanks for your interest.

Heading off for my big adventure, Lisa and I held a going away party for friends who didn’t come to our big event in October, and combined it with a surprise birthday party for our dear friend Gordon. He turns 50 in early December and will be on the east coast, so his partner and I made up the plan, and given that he was coming over for the going away party, we could easily surprise him with cake and warm hearted well wishes. He was completely surprised and was a great addition to the evening’s festivities. See these pictures to get an idea of the fun we had celebrating.

Cara helps me with my head wrap

Cara helps me with my head wrap

Up Up and Away

Up Up and Away

Here's the group shot


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One Comment on “Getting Ready to Go”

  1. Michele Says:

    Thanks for posting such detailed information on your blog. I appreciate the artistic information and reading your thoughts about your creation process. It’s fun to read and helps the journey to continue for those of us watching your path through cyberspace. Blessings for safety and for enjoying your artistic self!
    Michele and Olivia

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