Early Beginnings

Starting my work at 2 am seems to be my schedule these last couple of days. I haven’t adjusted to the time here, yet I’m not working on my Pacific time schedule either. I fell asleep at 7pm and at 2 am I was wide awake and began my work. I got some good insights and ideas flowing yesterday and went to work on paper for my new designs called Being, another one called Manna, and the third plan is to make a larger Genesis form. All these are coming through a plan that will begin tomorrow and into Friday with a way to build these symmetrical forms here in the studio. I was thinking that I would need to either machine these designs as they are very symmetrical, yet here everything is built up rather than subtracted. This different approach is part of my learning that with this building up skill, you can make most or all designs. In my subtractive approach, as I’ve been mostly a stone sculptor, you have to make your form from what already exists, unless you work with glue and build up a form from smaller pieces. This isn’t how I’ve worked, so it is great to work in materials like clay, plaster and wax for this building up technique. I also am using some foam pieces to create a build up layer so that I don’t have to make my entire thickness out of clay. This is how I did the last two models here, starting with a base layer of foam and then coating out the edges with clay so that the plaster mold will only be exposed to the clay. I hope this makes sense. Is anyone out there even reading this? Well you don’t have to answer, but you are welcome to comment to any of these blog posts. I will add today’s work, Lisa’s design for a larger Gateway, though I have built this one in the vertical format. It will be much taller and thicker than the early ones I cast. These will also be polished on all sides. I haven’t picked the color yet. That will be fun.

Looking at the bottom and face of Gateway III

Looking at the bottom and face of Gateway III

I think Lisa will be happy as I am that we can collaborate on this work.

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One Comment on “Early Beginnings”

  1. Cathy & Pasha Says:

    Yes, we are out here on a dark and lonely island reading your blog (: Love the pictures and your stories. I do like the print beside the photos better. The hot glass work sounds very inviting as it is getting pretty cold for wet polishing here. Enjoy yourselves, see you when you return!

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