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Christmas – Hanukah in Berlin

December 26, 2008

Now that the holidays are here, I take some time to celebrate our journey with friends in Berlin. Just to keep the theme of art for peace alive and well, I will show you some images that bring me this feeling. As the holiday feasting is also upon us, I share some artful edibles as well. Happy Holidays to all of you readers. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. Brian and Lisa


How do you top Paris-visit Family and Friends

December 24, 2008

I don’t know if topping Paris is possible, yet the warmth of Paris pales in comparison to the warmth of family and friends. Our time now is relaxed and we are spending Christmas and New Year in Berlin with Doris and Kai and visiting with many Berlin friends. I will post some photos now of our journey up north to Lisa’s sister Heike, and brother-in-law Ziggy, and nephew Manu. Then we will travel to Lisa’s parents where we will have cake and coffee with her mother and father, her older sister and her husband, and her younger brother and his wife and daughter.

We had a Jewish German reunion on our way back to Berlin by stopping in Hamburg and hosted by our dear friend Ulrich and his wife Henrike. They gave us a warm welcome with a special family pancake “friesentorte” with plum sauce and whipped cream, yummy. Our time together was warm and a sharing of our lives and we ate and we ate some more and even when it was time to leave, Ulrich gave us all bags of holiday chocolates for our trip back to Berlin. It was a beautiful time and we so much enjoyed our short Hamburg visit. We even got to take a walk between courses so that we had room for the next meal. What fun. Germany is so much more food friendly than Paris. Even when you don’t eat Bratwurst, you can find delicious foods everywhere.

Now for the photos, click on them for the descriptions. Happy Holidays and we wish you all great peace and joy!

Art and Wellness in Berlin

December 18, 2008

If you have been checking this blog every day, you have noticed that I took a break after all the action in Paris. Well, it has been quite a long journey since the early planning of this trip and all the steps that it took to get here. Now that we are in Berlin we are relaxing quite a bit and yesterday we went off downtown to do some errands and take in a wellness break. As we left Kai and Doris’ home I took a few shots of some of the sculptures here before we headed to the bus, then the subway to get downtown. It takes about 3/4 hour to get into the downtown parts of Berlin that we want to go. We visit our favorite falafel restaurant – Habibi, and I’ve included a couple of pictures. The tickets give you two hours of travel, so we are making our stops quite short so that we can get to our final stop before buying another ticket for the way home. As we are racing at times, I think that this isn’t what I’d call a wellness pace. When we finally get to the Liquidrom, all stresses are released into the warm waters. I’ll post a link to a video of the place, though it is in German, you can still get a feeling for the place. Here’s the link, you may have to cut and paste it into your browser:

Enjoy the photos and we will be heading north to visit Lisa’s family and likely won’t have internet access for posting for a few days. Check back when you have time and hopefully, I will get some new images and information posted soon. Happy Holidays to you as we come closer to the darkest day and the soon aproach of more light. One of my favorite season changes.

Paris- The Berman’s Last Night in the Apartment

December 15, 2008
How to find your way in Paris

How to find your way in Paris

Well, after recovering from all the cakes and coffee’s today, Lisa and I settle in for our last night in the apartment. We take some pictures for the memories of this place where we lived for the last week. The hard work is over for me. Seems like I’ve been working towards this trip to Paris since the springtime and especially with a narrow focus since September. It remains to be seen what future benefits this exhibition holds for me. Certainly, it is a milestone in my life and a great accomplishment to have been at an exhibition in the Louvre.

Now we will pack and clean and tomorrow morning we will head off to the airport and make our way to Berlin. Many of you have written, and a few of you have commented on my postings. Please feel free to express whatever you like and if it isn’t too insulting I’ll post it. Seriously, this blog is interactive and since starting it, there have been over 2300 visits. That’s a lot of viewing for such a travelogue.
Well, here are more pictures to share.

Louvre Exhibition ends and the tourism begins

December 15, 2008

Well, that’s not totally true as I’ve been taking in the sites each day. And now that the exhibition is over, I’m on holiday and Lisa and I decide to go back to the Old Jewish Quarter to see the district when it’s not Shabbot. We got there hungry and that was possibly a mistake as everything looked so good we went into the restaurant I photoed the other day with the hummous take out. Well they have a seating area and it was also like a wine cellar. There was even a spiral stairway up to a seating area on the next level. Just watching people go up this very tight spiral upwards was interesting as they stayed up there for a minute and then spiralled down again. The food was quickly served and we were quickly done with the plate of foods, when we had some cheese cake and went out the door only to find an incredible Jewish Bakery.

We had to walk a few blocks before we were ready for coffee and another cake. What an interesting bakery as everyone looked like they were Jewish. Well I don’t mean to stereotype, but the black hats and the dark black coats, were part of the give away, and the women all looked like my relatives. I felt right at home, and the food looked great and the coffee and cakes were wonderful. As I paid the bill, I noticed two posters advertising a gallery showing of art about Obama and a film festival about Cristal Nacht. See the photo and open it to read what I have to say about this image.

So what else to do but to  look in all the shops and find something for our holiday gift giving. I encouraged Lisa to pick out a warm coat as we entered an outlet store (Eva Tralala is the designer label and Nina Jacob the store name: 23, rue des Francs Bourgeois) for wool clothing. When she found the right one, I asked the woman salesperson if they had anything that I would fit into and sure enough I found myself wrapped in a wonderful coat. We left the store knowing that our Christmas gifts to each other were handled. So now that we are done, all that is left to do is to pack our bags, clean our apartment, and head out to the airport in the morning. Well there is this blog to finish as well.

So the next blog will be from Berlin, not sure if it will be tomorrow or the next days. Thanks for your interest. I love sharing all of our trip with my extended community of supporters. Your support has helped us get here to Paris and I hope that we have given you a good view into the experience of the Louvre exhibition and beyond. Our best to you for the holiday season. Brian and Lisa

Completion of SNBA Exhibition and Museum d’Orsay

December 14, 2008

Today brings the exhibition to a close. I am uplifted by my experiences here, the artwork, the artists that I have met, and the public appreciation of the art. As the event comes to a close for me, I have received a certificate for participating and a special stamp on my business card as the other paintings get stamped directly on the back side to prove that there work was here in the Louvre at the SNBA exhibition. Every little bit helps in making the artwork more valuable to the buyer. I’m not sure who will get to own this beautiful Genesis, and it now has a bigger aura than before coming to this exhibition.

After leaving the Louvre, Lisa and I walk across the Seine to the Museum d’Orsay, a beautiful museum within a former railroad station. There are breathtaking viewpoints and enough sculptures and paintings to overcome on with emotion as well as exhaustion. We experienced a bit of both and retire to our apartment after another full day of art appreciation.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Paris and as the exhibition is now over, I am completely a tourist and can begin my vacation time. What an adventure this has been. The blog has received an incredible number of visits and spiked during the time David Caruso came through. I had over 1400 visitors to the blog over two days just to see the photos of him. My picture was shown on many TV tabloid type blogs and one actually thought I was his bodyguard. An unlikely role that I would play. Anyway, what a great and fun experience this has been and I hope you have enjoyed the photos and the stories. Brian


Meeting more Artists and Touring

December 13, 2008

Saturday in Paris is not the best time to visit the old Jewish Quarter if you want to see the Jewish shops and restaurants, yet this is the day that Lisa and I took a walk through this part of the city. We are on our way to the Pompidou Museum though I am taking my time photographing way more than I can upload onto this site. So I will share a few of the highlights of the day with you. Enjoy them as much as I for taking them. I particularly enjoyed the Brancusi Artelier where you can view well over a hundred works of his art. Lisa and I part company as I head back to the exhibition to meet with our German friends Stephan and Sanne. Lisa joins up later for the Awards Ceremony and our dinner date. There will be more to come.