Building a path to Peace

My Art for Peace project is progressing and as the rug rolls out there is much going on in prep for the big trip. Once again, my thanks to all those who are pitching in to make this trip a dream come true. Lots of helping hands make the work go smoothly. I’ve shipped out the Genesis sculpture and it will soon be traveling over to Paris. Building the crate and getting it out the door was a big first step to exhibiting it in the Louvre. This is a big check-mark and it is done.

On Thursday, KUOW FM radio interviewed me for a program not yet scheduled to be aired. I’ll let you know when I find out when it will be ready. They said they will need a couple more interviews to make the segment work. The focus was Art for Peace, and I hope the message gets across. Here’s a link to an article in the LA Times that mentions me as one of the sculptors going to the Louvre. Tony Dow is featured. Does he look like an aged Wally to you?

Speaking of Peace, over last weekend we had the Art in the Woods studio tour. It was a wonderful event and another artist working for peace stopped in to see me, her name is Catherine Foster. She has a art for peace blog, please check it out!

I’ll be posting again as news comes my way. Thanks for your interest and support. Brian

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