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Building a path to Peace

November 15, 2008

My Art for Peace project is progressing and as the rug rolls out there is much going on in prep for the big trip. Once again, my thanks to all those who are pitching in to make this trip a dream come true. Lots of helping hands make the work go smoothly. I’ve shipped out the Genesis sculpture and it will soon be traveling over to Paris. Building the crate and getting it out the door was a big first step to exhibiting it in the Louvre. This is a big check-mark and it is done.

On Thursday, KUOW FM radio interviewed me for a program not yet scheduled to be aired. I’ll let you know when I find out when it will be ready. They said they will need a couple more interviews to make the segment work. The focus was Art for Peace, and I hope the message gets across. Here’s a link to an article in the LA Times that mentions me as one of the sculptors going to the Louvre. Tony Dow is featured. Does he look like an aged Wally to you?

Speaking of Peace, over last weekend we had the Art in the Woods studio tour. It was a wonderful event and another artist working for peace stopped in to see me, her name is Catherine Foster. She has a art for peace blog, please check it out!

I’ll be posting again as news comes my way. Thanks for your interest and support. Brian


Now that the celebration event is over

November 3, 2008
Event Celebration
Event Celebration

I wanted to write some words to express my deepest gratitude for all those who contributed to the fund raising event and celebration. It was truly a highlight of my life and a great party. The foods were great, the music got everyone moving, dancing, and just a great band. My thanks to John Willett for his encouragement to have the event and provided constant support leading up to the big night. John was also the band leader and brought in Michael, Sandy and Linda to make up the full band sound of Mazama and kept the evening light and flowing. Stephanie von Tacky for her culinary expertise and a great group of friends jumped in to help her with the foods. Neva Welton, helped with the food, set up and poured the wine and even designed the beautiful program card for the evening. Michele Soderstrom was an incredible help managing the money, keeping the records and collections from all the auction sales and she welcomed all those who came. Sylvaine Francine came early and stayed late with set up and take down, and is now tutoring Lisa and I in the basic French language skills to get more comfortable with the French people. Special thanks to Andrea Goldman for coming early to help with set up and cleaning up at the end.

Most of all I want to thank my partner Lisa for all that she did to make the event a great success. There were many days where I was not such a positive partner, wondering if this was a bad time to have a fund raising event. The economy was heading into the gutter, banks were failing, and many people were not responding to my invitation to come. Lisa counseled me on my health and adjusted me with remedies that kept me going. One friend reminded me that we could always have an event when we return from Paris. I never thought about another event until then. I was holding it as either a success or I had failed. I learned a lot about myself, through the two months of planning and promoting the event, both as a community member and also as an artist. My need for appreciation and acknowledgment is very high and when the event looked questionable, I wasn’t sure what it meant about my role in the community and what to do or not do. I couldn’t say no to the Louvre exhibition. I would regret that for the remaining days of my life, so it just looked like we would bite the financial bullet and put the expenses on the credit card. So I was at a crossroads. Lisa and I decided we would go forward and the right people would come and if we fall short of our financial needs we would have more events and raise money when we returned.

As it turned out in the last few days before the event, there were many callers wanting to come. The right people were there and those who couldn’t come and wanted to support the fund raising, sent a check. It was the greatest feeling when we set up the silent auction and people started to write their names down to bid on the artwork. At the end of the evening, 15 of the 19 artworks had found new homes. We were elated that we would meet our fundraising goal. Our thanks and gratitude to all those contributors.

I will share my experiences here on this blog as best I can during the art journey. I’d like to post the music and slide show from the event, yet it is too long. Here’s a shot of the party as I begin the live auction. Genesis was not purchased, and many people said that it will be worth so much more having shown in the Louvre, that it is best not to sell it ahead of time. We are very happy with the results and can relax a bit now as we prepare for our next show, Art in the Woods, coming up November 7-9 in our home. Till the next installment. My best to you the readers. Brian

Three Graces

Three Graces