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Beating the PR Drum

October 16, 2008

Greeting all to my Weblog. I am embarking on a PR campaign to raise money to participate in an exhibition at the Louvre in Paris this coming December 11-14. You can read about it below. I will be continuing to post articles and personal stories here about the PR Campaign, my efforts, the results of my efforts, and the excitement of the journey to the Louvre itself. I plan to post photos and blogs from Europe as well as prior to my travels. Come back often and link yourself to this  website for frequent viewing. Brian

Sculptor Brian Berman invited to exhibit in the Louvre

Pacific Northwest Artist and Peace Activist, Brian Berman, has been selected to be one of twelve artists representing the United States by the Societe Nationale Des Beaux-Arts (SNBA). The SNBA has chosen Berman’s glass sculpture, “Genesis,” to be displayed in their contemporary art exhibition at the Louvre this December.


The spherical glass sculpture sits roughly 12 inches in diameter and is characterized, in part, by an opening that has been said to endow the sculpture with a “vitalizing tension” as it elicits the sensation of a “deep calm.”

Berman has described “Genesis” as “a symbol for peace and reconciliation.”   He has said that it suggests how “all humanity is connected even where cultures are divided.”

Symbolic in the way that this “Genesis” changes colors depending on light conditions (it turns amber, rose and green), Berman says the sculpture “helps viewers connect with the light within themselves.”  In this way, Berman sees his sculptures as “non-verbal peace icons, bringing peace into the world from the inside of each viewer.”  He has cast “Genesis” in other colors of glass as well to appeal in different venues.


Berman is a social artist and an active peace builder who creates sculptures that spread his message of peace. His work with Compassionate Listening focuses on healing and reconciliation, which lead him to create the series of “Genesis” sculptures as well as many others. He first carved the “Genesis” peace symbol in stone. He then cast the design in bronze before discovering “the illuminating power of cast glass.”

Besides his love for sculpting, Berman works at Berman Healing Arts (which he co-founded with his wife, Lisa Berman) and leads Compassionate Listening workshops. Berman is a certified facilitator and Advanced Trainer for The Compassionate Listening Project and is co-director of the Jewish-German Reconciliation Project.

Bainbridge Arts and Crafts—lifetime supporter membership
Northwest Stone Sculptors Association Member—since 1992
Glass Art Society

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The prestigious Societe Nationale Des Beaux-Arts (SNBA), at the Louvre, has held contemporary art exhibitions since its conception in 1862.  This year through the Karen Lynne Gallery of Beverly Hills, CA and Boca Raton, FL, it has selected 12 artists to represent the excellence of contemporary art in the United States; and Berman is to be one of two sculptors honored.  The names of those honored this year are as follows:

Brian Berman (Sculptor)            David Langley (Painter)            James Verbicky (Painter)
Benito Cerna (Painter)                Andrew Levitas (Painter)          Robert Wheeler (Painter)
Tony Dow (Sculptor)                  Jorge Lujan (Painter)
Steven Glucksberg (Painter)       Katy Vallernaud (Painter)

The SNBA is an annual prestigious juried exhibit that features many delegates from around the world. This year’s participating delegations will be Brazil, Canada, China, France, Korea, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.